The Design House

Lily Samii Collection is a San Francisco based couture design house. All garments are made locally in San Francisco. Customers can come in to browse the current collection or be shown selections from past collections. Our sales representatives take care to understand the event our client is attending to and will give the highest level of customer service possible. Our customers have become some of our closest friends. Garments are made to measure and are tailored in a step-by-step process before they are completed.

The quality of our garments is incomparable. Our clothing is made from the finest fabrics and the workmanship is unsurpassed. Lily personally supervises everything that comes out of the production studio. No stitch is overlooked. Many Lily Samii employees have been with the company for upwards of fifteen years. They are educated and experienced in their craft and have become very loyal over the years.

Lily Samii has been dressing ladies of San Francisco for thirteen years. At every Symphony, Opera, and Ballet opening gala there are always several ladies wearing Lily Samii gowns. The House has many years of experience working with ladies to create custom masterpieces for these quintessential San Francisco events.

Lily is also honored to be involved in her client’s weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. She is now dressing 3rd generation Lily Samii customers. The Design House has a strong loyal following. It is where San Franciscans turn when they need to be well dressed. Lily Samii is a cornerstone of San Francisco fashion.